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Acer Iconia W4 review

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Acer Iconia W4

Windows 8 has an identification issue. The Modern UI, with its big, intense floor tiles and touch-friendly apps still isn’t really valuable for anything greater than the occasional video game. Microsoft’s most recent updates seem to have actually been developed to make life much easier for non-touch laptop computer and desktop computer individuals, making the typical Windows desktop a lot more popular and consigning the Start Screen to the background.

We such as Windows 8.1 on desktop computers and laptops, and like many customers, we have adjusted to the lack of a Beginning food selection. Once we’re in the desktop computer, there’s virtually no have to ever before deal with the Modern UI, but we do not mind dipping into it periodically. On many laptop computers and hybrid ultrabooks, we frequently forget that the displays are touch-capable, and frankly, that isn’t really an issue at all.


Perhaps that’s why Windows-powered tablets have all but disappeared from the market. Sure, we’ve acquired a lot of ultrabooks and hybrids with keyboards that either detach or fold up away – however pure tablet computers are rare.

Microsoft has responded by moving far from premium tools and into the budget plan space. Acer’s Iconia W4 is an 8-inch compact tablet computer, and is among the very first such products to be provided and advertised without a key-board dock. It loses nearly everything that makes hybrid ultrabooks so pricey, and in doing so, gives an entire new market category.

Look and feelThe Acer Iconia W4 has an 8-inch screen, and though its physical body is relatively bigger compared to other tablets of this training, it does an excellent task of camouflaging this. It’s clearly bigger and thicker in comparison to an iPad mini, as an example, yet this is still impressive considering it’s a full-fledged Windows COMPUTER.

Acer Iconia W4

There’s a a fairly standard black glass bezel around the screen, but also an additional gray plastic lip under, where the bodily Home windows button, speakers and ports match. The W4 is smooth, but easy to hold. There are no vents or airway around the sides.

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