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E-commerce platform can increase profits & grow online

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Profit margins determine whether businesses sink or swim and this is especially true in the hypercompetitive eCommerce industry. Focus on your market that means it is important to know how to reach out to your target market, recognize what they want in a product or service, identify how they search for what they want, and understand how they compare their options. Reach out to repeat customers that means spend time and resources on acquiring new customers but keep your loyal customers happy.

1. Prioritize Customer Loyalty – For all of these reasons, you should make customer loyalty a vital part of your overall business strategy. Focus on keeping your most valuable customers happy offer them suitable discounts, request their feedback, and consider them first before you make any large changes to your store. This will help render your profitability more stable.

2. Sell across multiple channels – Managing the sell is generally a matter of using a strong multi-channel e-commerce platform and using suitable tools to list product across different marketplaces, as well as making good use of social media options.

3. Cut out un-necessary expenses – Profit is what you get when you subtract your costs from your revenue, meaning there are two obvious ways to increase it: boost your revenue, or reduce your costs. You should start by clearly noting all your regular expenses, and figuring out where else your money goes. Tally everything, and decide what you can and can’t cut. Once you’ve trimmed the fat, your profitability will rise.

4. Optimize your product pricing – Charging the right amounts online is really tough, because many products have very thin profit margins. If you charge too little, you won’t make any money, but if you charge more than enough of your competitors, you won’t make any sales. This is why dynamic pricing is so useful. Simply add the products you want to optimize and it will handle everything for you.

5. Boost sales with recommendations – When you have someone ready to place an order, it’s the perfect time to build up that value through implementing up-selling that is offering customers more high-end versions of the items in their cart and cross-selling that is offering them different products that are often bought alongside the items in their cart, you can expand some orders and make more money.

6. Enhance Your Customer Service – When it comes to things like order and stock updates, customer service is an essential part of selling online, and it can so easily run out of resources and lead to people waiting for hours in phone calls. The easiest way to bolster your customer service these days is to implement a mixture of live chat and chatbot support. You can use a chatbot to cover basic queries at all times of the day and some human stuff to offer a more personal service when necessary.

7. Offer Subscription Products – The concept is simple you offer some type of product or product set every month, and encourage people to subscribe with a monthly fee to receive each monthly item. This is great for profit for three reasons: people love being surprised by deliveries, random or assorted boxes allow you to offload unused items, and having consistent monthly income will make it easier for you to improve the business and invest in overall improvements.


E-commerce platform can grow online

  1. Use brilliant product descriptions. Stop forcing users to register before buying that means users don’t proceed with the purchase if you ask them to register before checkout.


  1. Use great product photos that mean a shopper knows that he needs your product but he is a bit skeptical. He looks at another website and feels better in purchasing your competitor’s product. Product reviews are social proof that the item or the service works. A hesitant buyer can read product reviews and immediately be converted.


  1. Sell more with personalization is like to do this effectively, decide on the features that you would like to focus on in up selling. Is it an additional functionality or a better material for a slightly higher price? Use data from customer’s previous purchases and searches to strengthen your up-selling, add-on sales, and cross-selling strategies.


  1. Optimize Your Site’s Speed and it is important because you may think that your concern should be on providing good products or services but before customers can experience how awesome these are, they’ll have to go to your website first. Don’t turn them off with a slow loading site.


  1. Offer discounted bundles bundling benefits both shoppers and businesses. Shoppers get discounts on products and businesses increase their average order value without additional overhead costs. You can encourage cross-selling too if you will include products from other categories.


  1. Use video to increase sales, study the ‘Why’ and ‘When’ of abandoned carts, make use of social media use mobile commerce, add live chat to your website, increase sales with coupons/deals, give referral discounts, set your eyes on your best product, focus on security, keep your inventory in check, use your receipt mail for marketing, partner with other businesses for cross-promotion, offer a money-back guarantee, utilize urgency and scarcity to drive sales growth, use retargeting.


These all are the best e-commerce platform strategies that will help to grow online and also will help to increase profits for every type of business.

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