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KisaanhelplineKisaanhelpline Connect Mandi to Farmers and Farmers to Mandi Market.

Our application provides both web Portal & android app which gives information to kisaan about agriculture, mandi crop rates & mandi details.

“Kisaan Help Line” app & website portal objective:  Application provides information about agriculture, Mandi market, mandi news, education, agriculture banking, the latest technology for farming and farmers connectivity with internet(Digital Technology) for smart farming.



The application connects all Mandi’s with “KisaanHelpLine” kisaan portal and Android app for smart Mandi. In this Application, We will register all mandies with separate mandi profile.  All mandies user can add their crops list, news, mandi event news, mandi contact details, about Mandi, Mandi Samiti contact details and mandi members contact detail etc.

Every mandi can post their daily bases Mandi Bhav (crops min & max rate) & Mandi News (Events, Leaves of Mandies), etc. Below you will see how to post & farmers see mandi info….!



The application connects all formers with “KisaanHelpLine” kisaan portal and Android app for smart farming and Crop Market. In this Application, we provide information (like agriculture Video, News, Images, & text) about Crops, Seeds (Kharif, Rabi & Herbal Crops), Mandi Bhav (Crops market rate), Mandi News, Agriculture Technology, Fertilizer, Farming, Horticulture Technology, Agriculture Banking Information (Kisaan Credit Card & subsidy) and Farmer Registration for future internet connectivity etc.

  1. A farmer can get information about crops, daily bases multiple Mandi crops Bhav (Crops market rate) & Mandi News (Event, Leave of Mandi information).
  2. Farmers can get information and learn about farming like sowing, Crop varieties, Fertilizers (Chemical & Organic fertilizers), pesticides, Irrigation, Cultivation, Harvesting.
  3. A farmer can get information about agriculture banking like Kisan credit card (KCC), agriculture subsidy, Cattle farming (Dairy farm & Loan).
  4. A farmer can get information about latest agriculture technology like machinery (Tractor, Harvester, Cultivator, Threshers, and Seed Drill), electronic instrument (Auto Motor Starter, Motor Pump, Cabel, drip pipeline, solar water pump, etc.)
  5. A farmer can post their information such innovative things (video post, news, images, etc.) and any innovative farming technique, crop varieties, seed information and share their farming & crops related issues.

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