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Might Your Partner Be Cheating on You? 6 Clues to Help You Find Out!

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Do you think your partner might be cheating on you? Perhaps they are coming home later from work than usual? Or are they not letting you touch their cell phone?† Sometimes you have real reason to suspect your partner is cheating, but other times youíre just being paranoid. If you do suspect your partner is cheating, here are six clues to help you find out.




Their Habits Have Changed


If your partner suddenly starts to show up late after work or is leaving the house at odd hours, these may be signs that they are cheating. Take note if it is the same day/time of the week that they are leaving. If your partner suddenly has a change in habits, this may also be a sign that they are cheating. If they abruptly have different tastes in movies, music or books, this could be an indicator of an outside influence.




If They Are Lying To You


Lying to you is a sure sign that something is no longer right in the relationship, no matter what the reason. If you suspect your partner is lying about their whereabouts, the best thing to do is try to catch them in the act. If they claim that they are hanging out with one of their friends, attempt to get in contact with that friend and ask if your partner is with them. If the answer is no, then there is a good possibility youíre being cheated on.




They Are Distant From You


No longer showing affection is a sure sign of trouble. If they were affectionate before, but have suddenly become cold towards you, that is a definite sign those feelings have shifted, potentially because of someone else. If they are no longer eager to see you or they donít occasionally surprise you with gifts or a night out, then itís possible that itís time to say goodbye.




Unusual Expenses


If necessary, try to keep track of your partnerís expenses. If they normally share their financial transactions with you and they suddenly stop, something is potentially wrong. Try to go through their receipts and see what they are spending their money on. If they have receipts for meals for two or movies for two that you werenít a part of, these are positive signs that they may be cheating.




Talking Negatively About Someone


If your partner has started talking negatively about someone you suspect they may be cheating on you with, this could be a clue indicating that person might be coming between the two of you.† They may try to make you believe that they donít like the person they are putting down, when in fact, they could actually be involved with them.




Starts Showing an Unusual Amount of Affection


When your partner starts showing an unusual amount of affection towards you, this could be a sign that something is amiss. They may begin buying an unusual amount of gifts or taking you out on more dates than usual. This could be a potential sign of guilt due to their infidelity.




What You Should Do Next


Sometimes, getting your friends involved can be a good thing. Not only can they be a support network, but they can also keep an eye on your partner and report any unusual behaviour when youíre not around. If you do find out your partner is cheating on you, itís best to end the relationship. Even if they do say they will end the relationship that they have on the side, a cheater is not one that can usually be trusted long term anyway. By following these helpful clues, you will quickly discover whether your partner is loyal or if they are cheating.

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