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Renewable Energy Starting right here in the North Fork

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Renewable energyis generally defined asenergythat comes from resources which are naturally replenished on a human timescale, such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, waves, and geothermal heat.

Solar Energy International (SEI) is proud to reveal that the round of Solarize North Fork Valley led to over $400,000 in local investment through the installment of 120kW of solar in 22 brand-new systems. For our tiny community of Hotchkiss, Crawford as well as Paonia, this is considerable and also just the start.

Solarize North Fork Valley was produced to help stimulate the regional community where SEI’s head office is based. This program started as local coal mines began to shut and lay off numerous regional individuals. “SEI is located in a community that once mined over 1.5 % of the nation’s coal. As our coal mines closed as well as regional families were being required to delegate to find works, our community began to endure. As a company, we asked our own selves, What can we do to drive financial development through solar?” explained Kathryn Swartz, SEI’s Exec Director.

With the support of our Americorps Views, Kristen O’Brien as well as Pete Mueller, Solarize North Fork Valley was released. After a comprehensive RFP process, Empowered Energy Systems, in partnership with Sunsense Solar, was selected as the main installer. Throughout Solarize North Fork Valley’s three-month registration, 14 educational sessions were accepted over 164 residents of Paonia, Hotchkiss and also Crawford participating. These educational events discussed not merely how solar works, yet just how the Solarize design could conserve on the cost of the system.

This first round of Solarize North Fork Valley caused the creation of 3 brand-new, good-paying local solar jobs. “I’m the busiest I have actually ever before been in my life, also when I was farming,” commented Empowered Energy System’s owner as well as SEI graduates, Brad Burritt.

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