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The Linksys Blue Router is Back

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That’s right, the Linksys blue router is lastly back. After being acquired from Cisco by Belkin, they have actually determined to restore the blue router that we know and adore, and make it modern-day, open-source, and definitely fascinating.

Linksys Blue Router back

This brand-new router will support 802.11 air conditioning, has a dual-core 1.2 GHz processor, eSATA and USB3 slots for hooking up a network hard drive, gigabit slots, and it’ll sustain approximately 1.3 Gbps over Wi-Fi. They are in fact releasing all kind of information to open up source firmware designers to ensure that there is support for the Open WRT firmware, and DD-WRT / Tomato will probably be appropriate behind.

The only knock versus this router is the price, which is absolutely not economical at $299. However it’s acquired a lot of functions, so decide on intelligently.

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