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Top Technology Trends for 2015

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IEEE Computer system Society journals, publications, as well as seminars are continuously at the forefront of current modern technology fads. That’s just one of the factors that IEEE Computer Society is the area for technology leaders. As a modern technology specialist, continuing top of trends is vital. Below is a checklist of technology subjects that Computer system Society magazines, journals, and also seminars will be concentrating on next year.


1)Time is Right for Wearable Devices


2) Internet of Anything Becoming All-Encompassing


3) Building Security into Software Design

4) The Age of Software-defined Anything (SDx)


5) Cloud Security and Privacy Concerns Grow


6) 3D Printing Poised for Takeoff


7) Telling the Future with Predictive Analytics


8) Security Considerations for Embedded Computing


9) Real Growth in Augmented Reality Applications


10) Continuous Digital Health

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