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How to Grow Stevia and Make Homemade Stevia Extract

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Have you ever questioned if it was possible to learn how to grow stevia and make homemade stevia extract– that “miracle” plant that is sweeter compared to sugar– for sweetener as opposed to paying through the nostrils for those little packages in the store? You can increase stevia in your home, in pots or in your yard, and harvest it for dried out leaves or essence.

Beginning Stevia Plants from Seed

I bought my stevia seeds from Pinetree Yard Seeds (currently valued at $2.50 for 15 seeds). Seeds are started similar as other garden seeds. Consult my write on seed beginning for even more information. The book “Expanding and also Utilizing Stevia” states that darker seeds tend to have greater germination prices. The instructions provided below are based on those specificed in the book. Seeds must be begun inside 8-10 weeks prior to transplanting outdoors.

Area 1-3 seeds in each cell as well as lightly cover with fine potting soil or vermiculite 1/8 inch thick. Spritz or haze working with water to resolve the dirt. Area seeds under a clear plastic cover (you could reuse plastic produce containers or consumption products specifically for seed starting). Usage fluorescent lighting to supply light and also maintain the temperature in between 75-80 degrees F. The book “Expanding and also Utilizing Stevia” suggests maintaining the lights on for 24-HOUR each day in the beginning, after that keeping at the very least 15 hrs of light concerning three weeks after sowing.

Seedlings ought to emerge in 7-14 days. Get rid of cover after seedlings emerge to help stop damping off. When plants are expanding highly (have unique fallen leaves), slim them to one per cell by cutting off weaker plants at dirt degree.

Guide recommends just watering from below every 3-5 days so the soil stays wet but not soaked. I sprinkled mine the same as I water every little thing else– gently from above. A small amount of fish solution or other natural plant food could be enhanced the water as the plants grow.

How you can Transplant Stevia Seedlings

When plants reach around 5 inches high, trim 1-2 inches off the male fire to advertise branching. (You might utilize these leaves for sweetening.).

When you prepare to relocate your plants right into a larger container or the yard (at concerning 8-10 weeks after planting), they should be solidified off prior to relocating outdoors. For pot growings, move the seedlings to 4-5 inch pots. (They may be relocated into bigger article as they expand.).

Set off by moving pots/seedlings outside in a protected location from direct wind and also sunlight for a couple of hrs every day, progressively enhancing their time outside. When plants have had an opportunity to accustom to outdoors conditions, pots could be relocated right into full sunlight and also plants might be planted right into the yard. The plants are tended and do not tolerate frost, so shield or move inside if temperatures are expected to drop below 40F. Stevia plants choose not too hefty dirt and neutral pH. (You may have to plant in elevated beds or containers if you have heavy clay soil.).

In fall, create the plant inside if desired. I collected two of mine from the garden as well as they have actually currently survived two wintertimes. Here they are this spring prior to I reduced them back. You could see they are grabbing the sun and also getting a bit leggy.

Gathering and Drying Stevia.

Leaves might be gathered and utilized at any moment. Fresh leaves combine well combined with mint for a simple, revitalizing natural tea. For a huge single harvest, choice in late summertime or drop just as plants are mentioning to bloom. If you desire to overwinter plants, leave a minimum of 6 inches of plant intact to permit regrowth. Many recipes ask for dried out stevia powder or fluid stevia essence to make sure that the flavor spreads a lot more consistently via the compound being sweetened, but feel free to explore fresh fallen leaves.

When collecting, the fallen leaves are much sweeter compared to the stem, so the stem is typically disposed of. Stevia is harvested and also dried out like the majority of natural herbs. You could cut off the desired stems from the plant as well as bundle them in small bundles (much less compared to 1 inch in size) and also hang completely dry, as well as strip the leaves after they have dried. Alternatively, you can strip the leaves off the cut stems and completely dry them in a homemade or office dehydrator on reduced warmth. Dried fallen leaves will certainly maintain well for several years saved in a tightly sealed glass jar, as well as can be ground in batches as needed for recipes. 3-4 teaspoons of dried eco-friendly stevia replaces one mug of polished sugar for sweetening, but you will certainly should experiment or discover an excellent stevia recipe publication, due to the fact that replacing stevia will alter the structure and baking residential properties of food.

How to Make Stevia Essence in the house.

Making homemade stevia extract is actually quite very easy, when you have the stevia. You could use fresh or dried out stevia, although I have actually reviewed that essence from the dried leaves has the tendency to be more bitter. I made an alcohol based extract combined with fresh leaves and also it turned out fairly well.

Homemade Liquor Based Stevia Essence.

Right here’s a bundle of fallen leaves gathered from my stevia last fall.

If you look closely, you can see that the fallen leaves as well as stems are somewhat fuzzy.


Beginning working with tidy stevia leaves, either fresh or dried out. I rinsed my fallen leaves off as well as gave them a spin in the salad rewriter. Cut (or break up) the leaves (you don’t really want powder since it’s very unpleasant). Place the fallen leave bits in a glass container, and afterwards pour in sufficient nutritious alcohol to cover. (Do not make use of massaging liquor.) I used vodka because it has one of the most neutral taste. Tag as well as put in an awesome spot from direct sunlight for 2 days, beveraging or mixing carefully a couple of times daily. (I placed mine in my pantry. Keep in mind: The liquid level in the image looks reduced since I am tilting the container for the picture. The fallen leaves must be submerged.).


Do not allow it sit longer to attempt as well as end up with a stronger taste. It will certainly obtain more bitter. Do not include stems so you have much more material. They don’t have much glycoside, which is just what makes the stevia wonderful.

After 2 days, pressure your currently light scan a coffee filter, cheesecloth, flour sack towel or other great product. I used my jelly strainer bag in all-time low of my regular strainer.

Take the stevia liquid and cook it over reduced warmth– do not boil, or you will certainly wreck it– it will certainly burn as well as taste unpleasant.


Simmer carefully for 20 to Thirty Minutes to repel a few of the alcohol and concentrate the extract. It will end up with darker and a little bit thicker as well as some particulates may speed up out.

Strain via a filter right into an opaque bottle (I recycled a vanilla essence container). Tincture bottles are wonderful if you have them handy, as it just takes a few drops of extract to sweeten a beverage or dish.


Cover, label and also day. This essence will keep for around 3 months in the refrigerator. I discovered this extract to be fairly wonderful with hardly any bitterness. Considered that the tiny bottles of stevia extract usually sell for at least $10 each, you could see how this would certainly conserve you a lot of money in time if you make use of a great deal of stevia.

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