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What tablets are avaiable?

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Shopping for a new tablet? Depending on your budget, brand of choice, and features you desire, there are hundreds of options out there. So, what are the best 3 tablets available today? These are a few options to consider when you are ready to invest in one.

iPad Pro –
The large 9.7” display is excellent in any light setting. It is truly sleek, slim in design, it operates seamlessly, has fingerprint technology for security, packs a better camera, faster performance, retina display, and is voted as being “the best iPad model” to date. You can’t go wrong with Apple, and you are bound to love this sleek looking device. Due to ipads being expensive to buy, retailers have started to offer different finance options. Some retailers offer different options so when you are looking for the best finance package for you then I would recommend browsing a few sites before making your final decision. If you would like to view a list of sites which offer ipads and other tablets online then techcred.co.uk is a good catalogue comparison site to start with.

Google Pixel C –
Google doesn’t jump into the tablet market much, but it did come up with a winner with this model. The Android tablet is sleek, has a magnetic keyboard, has gorgeous screen display, pixel resolution, and colour clarity. It operates seamlessly and quickly, can be used for work and play, and can stream movies, video, and music with the slightest of ease for its owner.

Sony Xperia Z4 –
It is dust proof, water proof, finger (smudge) proof, has fingerprint technologies, and has seen continual upgrades since the initial Xperia model was introduced a few years ago. High end specs, super skinny body, sleek design, various colour options, upgrades, built in memory as well as expansion slots, excellent camera, resolution, display, and speeds. Sony isn’t known much in the tablet market, but this Z4 is one of the best kept secrets to consider today.

You have many options when it comes to shopping for and eventually investing in a new tablet. No matter what you are looking for or what your budget is when time comes to purchase, these are a few of the top models from which you should consider purchasing your new tablet model today.

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