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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra: 11 fun things to do with the S Pen

The S Pen produced the Galaxy Note schedule one for experts. After the Keep in mind pipe quote adios, Samsung took its stylus pen to other front runners, consisting of the Universe Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra

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The S Pen produced the Galaxy Note schedule one for experts. After the Keep in mind pipe quote adios, Samsung took its stylus pen to other front runners, consisting of the Universe Z Fold 3 and the Galaxy S21 Ultra, but along with a warning– there was actually no location to always keep the stylus. Along With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung certainly not merely delivered a Note 20 Ultra-like concept to house the S Pen, yet additionally improved the latency to match the pen-and-paper-like feeling. I have actually been making use of the Universe S22 Ultra along with the S Marker for a few full weeks currently, and listed here’s what the stylus can doing.


If you come the S Marker out from its own staying spot, the powered-down monitor becomes a canvass where you can write one thing down swiftly as well as save it in the Samsung Commentary application. All of it works without you requiring to activate the display.

As fundamental as it appears, it isn’t unexciting. You obtain choices to decide on from 5 shades (reddish, green, blue, yellowish, gray) as well as five various stroke dimensions along with an eraser and also switches to scroll back and forth. Whatever you carry out on the display screen is saved in the Commentary application when you put the S Marker back inside the casing.

Alert previews

There are actually times when there is an email alert, yet you do not yearn for to open it right away. Concurrently, you could really want to understand what that e-mail has to do with. Below comes the S Pen!

You can make use of the Samsung stylus to preview notifications through floating over the cutoff text. While it works on Gmail and also Instagram DMs, it isn’t supported through all apps and is actually one of the limited components on this checklist that may be extended to more applications with time.

Air Actions

Your Galaxy S22 Ultra locates the S Pen’s movement to take advantage of Sky Actions to achieve several duties by solitary- or double-clicking the stylus pen switch. The function allows you to establish nonpayments for navigation. You can also opt for details activities for a variety of apps.

If you possess the S Pen in your palm and you have actually always kept the smartphone on a table to get a self-portrait, you can hit on the button and also it’ll record the photo. I have actually mainly utilized it for clicking on team selfies. It’s enjoyable!


Display Write


Display screen Write is actually a straightforward and fast attribute. It lets you take a screenshot, remark it, save it, as well as allotment it coming from that display screen on its own. Nonetheless, if you would like to create on behalf of the display with a swipe left behind or even right, you may intend to turn off actions when utilizing the S Pen. To make it work, go to Setups > Display > Navigation Pub > Section motions with S Marker.

Smart Select

Smart Select assists you take a screenshot in any sort of sizes and shape. You can easily take a screenshot in oblong, circular, or even freeform forms and also save the specific section of the display screen you really want.

The function also allows you pick a graphic and eliminate its own background, in addition to incorporate attracting as well as message or even another photo over it. It allows you save and also share your imagination coming from the display screen itself.


If you are actually an artist who intends to benefit from the S Marker as well as address your S22 Ultra’s gorgeous show as a canvass, Penup is actually for you. The application possesses craft outlines that you can color, you can easily locate tutorials to assist you develop illustrations, and test people within the S Pen community.

The first opportunity I made use of Penup performed the Universe Button S7. While it is certainly not one thing for me, maybe a great way to laze when you are actually awaiting a trip at the flight terminal.

AR Doodle

As the name says, AR Doodle allows you doodle in Increased Fact. It’s an enjoyable S Pen component that permits you make use of the selfie shooter to create videos, with doodles adhering to their setting throughout.

Nonetheless, it just deals with the front camera, which acknowledges the items in your viewfinder as faces as well as ecological surface areas. Thus, it permits you to employ individuals as well as the setting grabbed due to the selfie shooting.



You don’t need to have to mount Google.com Translate, considering that the S Pen includes Google.com Translate-powered interpretation. You may select to equate to as well as from any sort of foreign language the application provides.

To utilize the function, all you need to carry out is select the Translate function from Air Commands as well as hover over the content along with the S Pen, stand by for a second, as well as the interpretation will certainly appear. It is actually a little bit of limited as you have to choose the foreign language you are actually translating coming from rather than utilizing auto-detect. If you do not understand what you are actually translating, you could possess a hard opportunity.

Live Messages

Immediately, I remain in the middle of a restoration. There are opportunities when I need to have to click on a picture along with bunches of samples (state, wall surface shade or even sofa collection) and also send it to my sibling to assist me choose one.

Online Notifications permits me to generate video recordings and GIFs with scribblings on all of them. You can click a picture or fire an online video as well as doodle over it to send to somebody.


There are times when PDF documents do not permit you focus to see the text message or you might only desire to review in a bigger font style without needing to zoom in with your fingers. Magnify permits you heighten the content on your screen to 150%, 200%, 250%, and also 300%.

Create on Schedule


This component is available in useful when you quickly intend to take down a note on a details time in the Samsung Calendar without putting in the time to enter into the application as well as produce a tip. It is actually basically a layer of scribble that rests over the Schedule.

There are a bunch of other S Pen includes that you may desire to inspect out, however aren’t quite useful. Some of them is actually Bixby Perspective, which lets you make use of the Samsung virtual aide to determine points on your phone screen. After that there is Glimpse, which may be made use of to peek right into an app while using a different application.


The S Pen created the Galaxy Note lineup one for professionals. Along With the Galaxy S22 Ultra, Samsung certainly not only provided a Details Twenty Ultra-like design to house the S Pen, but likewise boosted the latency to match the pen-and-paper-like sense. I have actually been actually using the Galaxy S22 Ultra with the S Marker for a handful of weeks right now, as well as here’s what the stylus pen is capable of doing.


Your Galaxy S22 Ultra locates the S Pen’s activity to make use of Sky Actions to complete numerous duties by single- or double-clicking the stylus pen switch. If you wish to create on the side of the display screen with a swipe left behind or straight, you might want to disable gestures when utilizing the S Marker.

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