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Someone made an Android phone with a Lightning port for some reason

We are actually not exactly sure why you would certainly yearn for such, but someone changed an Android phone to make use of Apple's Lightning slot as an alternative of the industry-standard USB-C link.

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The customization was actually carried out by Ken Pillonel, that formerly helped make waves around the Net for a lot more practical venture: carrying USB-C to an apple iphone.

Pillonel’s video clip declaring the Lightning Android phone was actually posted on April 1, however while that tongue-in-cheek day was actually a conscious option, the modification is real. Pillonel mentioned he really wanted to “stabilize the disorder” roused by his introduction of a USB-C apple iphone.

” I do not expect anyone in their right mind desiring to perform this to their unit. It was actually simply for exciting, I merely intended to find if I could perform it,” he told Engadget.

Pillonel described to Engadget: “The Lightning cables offered through Apple are not ‘dumb,’ they will just demand Apple units. I possessed to discover a means to trick the cable television in to thinking it was connected in to an Apple tool.


There’s a quick video clip on YouTube showing the tool in action (it can easily each cost and carry out records transmissions) as well as a handful of brief looks at the work that went into it, yet Pillonel vows that yet another video recording is going to be actually published to his network soon with a much more extensive explanation. He took a comparable cadence with the USB-C iPhone.

In the extremely unlikely occasion that you prefer such a gadget, however, you’re out of luck– he possesses no strategies to sell it.

Apple has used the Super cord in iPhones for almost one decade, getting back to the iPhone 5 in September 2012. When it was actually presented, then-Apple-marketing-VP Phil Schiller mentioned it would be actually a “adapter for the upcoming decade.”

Apple has begun making use of USB-C in a lot of its own ipad tablets, which earlier utilized Lightning, but iPhones are actually still on Lightning. Specialist analysts have ventured that Apple could create the activate its phones, as well. Offered the current overview of the brand-new vision for MagSafe, it appears only as probably that Apple is going to go down the port entirely in support of wireless charging.


Pillonel revealed to Engadget: “The Lightning wires marketed through Apple are not ‘dumb,’ they will only ask for Apple gadgets. Apple has begun utilizing USB-C in most of its iPads, which earlier utilized Lightning, however iPhones are actually still on Super. Technician commentators have margin upped that Apple could make the change on its own phones, also.

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